September 21 – A lunch with Chas Jones, Tina Green, Sheila, Jill and Dory

The three main embroiderers of the Fulford Tapestry

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We met at the Langtons Bar and Brasserie at the Pavilion Hotel in Fulford for lunch with Chas, the three embroiderers of the Fulford Tapestry, and Tina from Battle. The three embroiderers were Jill and Dory who have been with the project since the beginning and also Sheila who started her involvement later. They were all lovely ladies and we talked happily about our various projects for several hours. The food was good though posh with meat only and no vegetables. I had chicken followed by chocolate tart while Mike had pork chop followed by summer pudding. At the end of the meal, Chas and Tina opened the printed copy of the Battle Tapestry so that the others could see it. We attracted the attention of some other diners who also came over to see it. It is an amazing copy of the tapestry and so well done that it looks three-dimensional. Tina brought it up from Battle so that Chas can take it to the Stamford Bridge celebrations tomorrow.

By mid-afternoon, we went into York again dropping Tina at the train station. We parked the car and then walked back to the train station as Chas was determined that they have a ‘Station 9 and three-quarters’ but we could not find it. We think it may be in the Railway Museum. There is definitely one at Kings Cross in London. We then walked around the city for a while before returning to the cottage.

In the evening we decided to go out to tea as we don’t have anything else. We tried two places which were too full to take us before going back into York to Wetherspoons at the Postern Gate. It too was full of people but we found an empty table and a waiter soon came to clear and clean it. I went to the counter to order the food and drinks and again the staff were quick and efficient while still being friendly. She said the meal would be 25 mins but that was OK and the food soon arrived in less than that time. A good, reasonably priced meal in excellent time, an all around excellent experience.

Upon going back to the cottage Chas showed us the Fulford Tapestry which he had picked up from Dory this morning and we talked till late. Another interesting day.