September 23 – A Short Walk in Swavesey

Swavesey Motte and Bailey Castle Remains and Constable Rood

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

It was pouring with rain when we woke up this morning so we didn’t go out until about 3 pm when it had stopped raining and we went for a walk around Swavesey to learn the lay of the land. We found a shortcut from where we are staying through to near the church.

Swavesey is Anglo-Saxon in origin and a thousand years ago there were docks in the village,¬†one right in the middle of Market Square with a waterway connecting it to the river Great Ouse. The area behind the graveyard and allotments is a Scheduled Ancient Monument, the site of a motte and bailey castle built a thousand years ago. The castle may have been built by the de la Zouch family in the 13th-century. You can still see the castle mound as well as the ditches and embankments. Just after this, we came to a place called “Constable’s Rood” and quickly found a cache of the same name. We were only the seventh people to find this cache. This patch of ground was an allotment for the use of the village constable from 1734 – 1937. It fell into disuse and was rescued just over ten years ago by a group of volunteers and made into a wildlife garden which is full of dragonflies, damselflies and butterflies in summer.

We walked back towards the village and found a village sign in the marketplace and the cache to go with it. Then a short walk back home again.

Good to blow the cobwebs out of our hair and back home to the websites again.