September 24 – A Hire Car

Some geocaches around Islip the birthplace of Edward the Confessor

Hello from Medieval Mosaic

We were awoken just after 9 by Chas who said that we had to get up immediately in order to get to the hire car place which was open only until 9.30 am. Chas took us to the hire place and we got there just before he closed. We managed to hire a car for a week for £ 179 but on the understanding that if we needed it for less time we would get a refund or if necessary we could extend the hire. We hired a Vauxhall Astra. We then drove into Oxford to see where the car had been left which was very strange as it was a Saab Garage.

In the afternoon we went to Islip which is Edward the Confessor’s birthplace. We did the church micro multi and then did the Edward the Confessor walk picking up four more caches and leaving one travel bug behind which we have had for some time. The Village Sign cache was a multi too and it was quite an elaborate one too. We spent ages doing it and when we had all the numbers we couldn’t find the cache. We must have got something wrong so maybe we will be able to go back another time to finish it. We will probably be staying at Chas’s again sometime in the next couple of months so we will be able to have another look.

St Nicholas’s church (Church Micro 9088) was a lovely church with a carved wooden reredos and a beautiful glass door which opens onto the tower holding the bells. There is a beautifully painted organ and lovely carved Tudor rose poppyheads. The main window over the altar is beautiful and brightly coloured. The tiles in the sanctity are lovely too. I wonder if they are Minton tiles? The rectors of this church date from 1221 with Hugh de Glastonbury as the first rector.

On the way back to the house we went to do the Church Micro 4276 – Wootton by Woodstock. Unfortunately, we could not find the bench commemorating Kenneth Henry Tucker anywhere so in the end, we had to give up. Hopefully, we will have another go sometime. The church was open and had a beautifully gilded mosaic reredos and a lovely painted organ.

We picked up some food and milk and went back to Chas and Fran’s house and watched several catch-up episodes of ‘Victoria’.