September 25 – A Strange Encounter

A New House sit

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We left early as I said we would be at the housesit at Northleach around 10 am. We thought it would be best to go do to the garage in Oxford to talk to them about the car. On the way, we get a very strange phone call from the garage asking if we had anything to do with the car that had been abandoned on their forecourt. I said yes but what did he mean abandoned. Anyway minutes later we were there and when I walked into the office the guy behind the counter gave me the car keys. I was very confused at this point as to why they were being strange. Then I explained that the RAC had transported the car to this garage as they were an RAC approved garage. The problem was that they are a garage which specialises in Saabs not Hondas. Apparently, the guy came home about 11 pm on Saturday to find the car ‘abandoned’ in the driveway and even rang the police about it. However, the keys of the car had been put through the letterbox and so he went through the dashboard and fund our business car. They had started the car to move it but it was making such a noise that they left it where it was thinking that the car was beyond repair. We explained that the RAC thought it was the bearing in the power steering and air conditioning. The head mechanic started the car again and had another listen and look and agreed that it wasn’t as bad as he initially thought. He said he would have a look and report back to us later in the day. If he could not fix it he would arrange for it to go to another garage. Later in the afternoon, he rang to say that it was indeed the bearing in the air conditioning which we told him stopped working back in June. He said he could remove the belt and replace it with a shorter one bypassing the air conditioning completely. Not a huge need for air conditioning in the UK so we agreed and he said he would order the new belt overnight. We were very grateful as we had been very worried and confused over the whole thing.

We drove to Northleach and arrived about 10.30 am to be greeted by a very happy dog called Beth and two cats who were a bit wary of us but happy to be fed. Then we walked up to see the 6 chickens and give them some food and water. After we had taken our belongings into the house we took Beth for a walk into the village to get our bearings. We walked past all the shops, then up to the church where we have already done the church micro. We were not sure if we have been into the church so we went in, Beth was also welcome by the lady who staffs the church each day.

In the evening we worked on our application for an exhibition at Wells Cathedral and once we finished it we were able to print it out ready for posting tomorrow. We spent the rest of the evening working on our blogs, Mike on the photographs and me on the words. I finished off three days. Hopefully, we will get caught up. It takes a lot of work to sort all the photographs, write the blog entry and to write up any geocaches each evening. We haven’t had a game of Rummikub in ages.