September 27 – A Local Walk Geocaching

Hi from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Today we decided to go for a walk out onto the hills behind the village as there are three geocaches to find on a circular route. Beth enjoyed finding her first geocache and showed quite a bit of interest, unlike most of our doggy charges. I think if she had started younger she could have been taught to search for them as she is a bright cookie. We walked up behind the church and the sorts grounds onto the hill which had a seat with a great view back over the village.

We carried on through a field of sheep. Beth wasn’t at all interested in them. Just then it decided to start raining so we sheltered under some trees and as is often the way in the UK it was just a passing shower and we were soon on our way again. When we reached the footpath at the top of the hill we saw a small erected tent like the ones people use on the beach but there didn’t seem to be anyone around. Luckily the second cache was far enough away that the tent. We found the cache easily enough but the log was soggy so we could not sign it and I didn’t have a piece of paper to add to it. Then we walked back down the road towards Northleach. The road and the cache were called ‘All Alone’. A very strange name for a road. We got there just as the primary school was getting out for the afternoon so there were parents arriving. Unusually for many schools in the UK, this school has a car park so they were not all parked up the road. We walked back to the house through more walkways.