September 29 – Medieval Mosaic in Oxford

A House sit visit

Hi from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

After feeding all the animals we were on our way to the County Hall in Oxford to show people the Medieval Mosaic for the day. Initially, we were going to get a Park n Ride but then decided to ring the council and see if we could park in front of Country Hall for the day. They said that was fine and we make excellent time until we got into central Oxford. Everyone took ages to get to work that morning even those coming by bus. Roads in all directions were blocked for some reason, some for road works and one for a gas leak. We still managed to arrive just before 10 am which was our opening time. There was plenty of room for people to view the mosaic despite the tables around the centre of the room. We moved all the chairs into the middle and set up our merchandise.

We only had 14 people in all day but the few that we did have were very interested. Luckily we had the internet so we were both able to work on our blog and photos when we had no one in visiting us. Hopefully, the numbers will improve with time and word of mouth.

At 4 pm we set off south to Donnington, on the outskirts of Oxford to visit a lady who wants us to housesit for her for the last two weeks of November. She has a Jack Russell terrier, a Yorkshire terrier and a canary. She was a lovely lady and I think the housesit will go fine.

After that, we drove back to Northleach via the road that takes you over a toll bridge which costs cars 5p in each direction. It is really bizarre and it employs two boys, one taking the money in each direction. I bet it hardly covers their wages but it is a very old law and apparently, cannot be stopped or increased. Very strange.

When we got home Beth and the cats were already inside and had been fed. Yumi, who is the younger cat has been giving us a wide berth all week and rushes in for food and then straight out again. She has finally decided to calm down around us and lets us stroke her and is sleeping happily in the house with us now. It is lovely the way the two cats sleep wrapped in each other. Beth likes to sleep on the couch and gets very miserable if we are both on the couch as we have stolen her seat. It took us a while to figure out why she was being so strange. Whining slightly and staring at us as if we had done something wrong. Good to have that all sorted out.