September 30 – Upnor Castle

Evening with Janet, my best friend

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Before heading off in the car we took a short walk from the Premier Inn to the waterfront where we saw the Medway Queen which is being restored by a local team of volunteers. We found that there was a cache right beside the boat which many people had looked for but only one other person had found. We read the hints and realised there was only about one place it could be and sure enough it was there. Some caches are very cleverly hidden but we have seen others like this. We used our hook to extract it. We had lots of fun logging it as an easy find, just to annoy the people who could not find it. LOL

We drove up to Upnor Castle which is an English Heritage site.  The castle is set in tranquil grounds adjoining a riverside village, this rare example of an Elizabethan artillery fort was begun in 1559 and redeveloped in 1599-1601, to protect warships moored at Chatham dockyards. Despite a brave attempt, it entirely failed to do so in 1667, when the Dutch sailed past it to burn or capture the English fleet at anchor.

Afterwards, we drove to Hoo St Werburgh where we did a church micro. We found the headstone which we needed very quickly considering how big the cemetery was. We soon worked out the coordinates and drove down the road to the cache. Mike pulled the car over and I jumped out and found a bolt and screw cache. I quickly signed the log and jumped back into the car before we held up all the traffic. It is a dead end road but it was surprisingly busy as I think there was a harbour down there.

When we got back to Gillingham we did one last church micro at St Mary Magdalene church. The church was closed but the site was vast. We soon found the nano on a lamppost before heading back to the hotel for a cup of tea. Our total number of caches so far is 6540 with 937 church micros and 1544 points and fourth place in my Friends League towards our “Adrenaline Junkie” Souvenir

At 6.30 we went to Janet and Peter’s house in Chatham and spent a lovely evening chatting to them. A very nice evening with my eldest friend.