September 8 – Rachael and Charlotte came to see our new installation in Woodstock

George Spencer-Churchill and Camilla Thorp marry

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

This morning Rachael arrived with her friend Charlotte with a huge bunch of wonderful flowers for us. She wanted to visit our new exhibition and to show Charlotte their work. Afterwards we four went out to lunch at a nearby eatery which was very nice. We were really touched by Rachael’s thoughtfulness.

On our arrival at the museum, this morning the road outside the museum was blocked off. Later we realised the reason was the son of the Duke of Marlborough was married at St Mary Magdalene church. George Spencer- Churchill, Duke of Marlborough heir, 26, and distant relative of Winston Churchill married his sweetheart, Camilla Thorp, 31,  in the beautiful surroundings of Blenheim Palace.

They gave out British flags for the onlookers to wave and there were also cupcakes for all the onlookers. Later in the afternoon, there was an acrobatic airshow by four aeroplanes which wove around in the sky for an hour or so. Later in the evening, there was a fireworks display which we could hear and sometimes see from our Airbnb in Bladon. That was quite a wedding celebration.